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Women’s Goth Chokers | Punk &Alternative Necklaces

Our selection of women’s chokers and necklaces covers a range of cute, punk, goth, and steampunk styles, perfect for getting your alternative look just right. Whether you’re shopping for day-to-day accessories or that piece for a special occasion, these wonderful goth accessories from GothBB will add the finishing touch to any outfit and leave you with confidence in the knowledge that you look (and feel) great. Do you go for leather, studded chokers, or small and elegant alternative style accessories? Our huge range of affordable, high-quality goth necklaces are the perfect additions to your basket to complete that new look, and there’s something for everyone (and every style!)
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Goth Chokers To Complete Your Outfit

Women’s alternative chokers and short necklaces have always been popular and are seeing a resurgence once again for goth and alternative fashion. Whether you’ re shopping for a special occasion or to complete a casual outfit, there are many options available. When you’ re putting together your new alternative outfit, accessories can really make a look pop. We have a wide selection of affordable goth chokers like Cute Kitty Choker and necklaces to help you accessorise your latest goth or punk look. Here are a few tips on styling your goth choker or necklace with other great GothBB products.


When you’ re styling your look, you should match the length of the necklace or choker to the neckline of the shirt or dress you’ re wearing. This Bralette Top  , for example, looks great with a long chain necklace to compliment the v-cut. This chain crop top looks amazing with a choker because of its higher, flatter neckline. Some of our GothBB shirts are even designed with choker-style necklines!

Create a cute, alternative look by matching one of our plaid dresses with a black choker and some chunky boots to suit your style - perfect for your next party or night on the town!

Trying to show off your alternative style in the summer months? Try pairing a goth choker with one of our fashionable swimsuits for a sleek poolside look.

Goth Choker Sizing and Style

Our choker and necklace products, like most jewellery, come in one size. This makes them long-lasting (and means that you can easily try on your friends’ latest GothBB accessory    buys!) Here is one of our best sellers, Pentagram Spike Choker.

Some of our necklaces and chokers also have multiple colour options for you to choose from so that you can really find an alternative choker to suit your style.

Take a look at the GothBB choker and necklace selection now and take advantage of the great deals and high-quality goth fashion accessories.