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Men’s Gothic Clothing: Styles that Last

The goth style has been around a long time compared to other clothing fashions. Where most styles come and go in two or three years, the goth style has been around since the 1980s when Bauhaus, the Cure, and Siouxsie and the Banshees were turning out the first goth rock. Today, goth styles encompass much more than just black slacks, velvet, and lace. With everything ranging from print shirts to cargo pants to techwear, there’s a goth style for everyone.
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Men’s Gothic Jacket


The traditional goth look jacket was simply a long trench coat or a black smoking jacket. As the influence of cyberpunk and hip hop have been seen in Gothic design, there have been moves to add other styles.


Today's long black jacket has additional zippers and straps, giving a look like something that has been damaged or has additional functions. It’s dramatic while still keeping the dark mystery of Goth.


The Trad (traditional) Goth still wears the black long jacket, but one look that’s popular is the black combat jacket. It has a duster shoulder and many pockets. By day, it looks like a high-tech military jacket, but in the dark, it’s a flowing ghost of darkness that hides the outline of the person underneath.


Men’s Gothic Pants


Men’s goth pants come in several styles.


The original goth look was slim black dress slacks, but today, there’s an enormous variety of styles. The modern Goth look often has lots of pockets and zippers.


One of the most popular styles of pants are baggy jeans with the faces of movie slashers on them. Of course, everything is black with some lighter accents. Check out our X Zip Up Cargo Pants to gain a little bit idea.



Religious symbols have been a staple of the goth style since the beginning. Graffiti crosses on jeans is a popular style that’s sure to make people pause as you walk by.  


Men’s Gothic Shirts


The Goth shirt started out with ruffles that looked like something off the set of Interview with a Vampire.


Soon the printed shirt entered the scene. Take this product for example Sternum Print T-shirt,

with religious or horror images, the shirts were designed to inspire fear and confusion in others (and a lot of joy in the people wearing them).


The world of Goth shirts has expanded to include all kinds of looks, but the staple black color and dark mystery are still there.


Demon faces popping off shirts, images of movie serial killers and evil children’s toys are all part of what the Goth scene has added in over the years. These same images and clothing items also make their way into hip hop and pop culture now, as Goth has become part of the fabric of society, not an anomaly.


The style influences of other societies is also to be seen. The kimono style shirt, often accented with religious jewelry, is a popular look that adds the Asian influence many Goths feel and love.


Men’s Gothic Outfits


The men’s gothic outfit of today has expanded. From the old days of lace and velvet, Goth has added the influences of cyberpunk, science fiction and horror.


While trad Goth still exists and is still well-loved, the world of darkness gives everyone space to express themselves. The new Goth styles are dramatic and powerful, and every bit as exciting as the early days of the Goth scene.