7 Ways To Dress Like A Goth | Witchcore & Goth Clothes

Have you always wanted to dress like a goth, but don't know how? Well, look no further! In this article, we’re going to show you 7 different ways to wear gothic clothes and accessories to get that dark and mysterious witchcore aesthetic. Learn how to mix goth clothes and edgy accessorises with wardrobe staples to create a unique outfit designed to turn heads. By identifying 7different goth clothing styles, by the end of this article, you will finally be able to transform yourself into the ultimate modern goth or witchcore queen!
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Witchcore Aesthetic

First let’s talk about the interesting blend of witchcore and gothic style. Whether you’re a die-hard Harry Potter fan, or you’re simply obsessed with cleansing your collection of crystals under the full moon light, the witchcore aesthetic is all about those dark, mysterious and witchy vibes. Pair this with a love of the color black and you get the idea of what this unique sense of style is about, right! So, the best way to achieve this edgy look is by investing in some goth clothes first. This is going to help you build a dark base which all your future outfits will be based on. While you don’t necessarily need to always wear black to get this style right, it is best to invest in some key pieces to help you create this look on a daily basis.

Start by buying a couple of black dresses or oversized shirts. We particularly like this black dress with moon phase details to get those witchy vibes in first. Then pair your dress with thick black boots, either flat with laces or heeled. Once you have these basic pieces in your wardrobe, you can start adding accessories such as choker necklaces and velvet or black lace shirts and skirts. Ideally keep things conservative but always try to focus on creating an hourglass silhouette. To do this, we recommend corset tops and belts.

Gothic Egirl

There’s no doubt that TikTok is having a massive impact on the fashion world. From Chinese street style videos, to the world of game live-streaming, the social media phenomenon has taken the world by storm. So it’s no surprise that many girls and teenagers now want to dress like their favourite gothic Egirl icon. This subculture has been created online and has close ties to the world of anime and cosplay too!

To get the gothic Egirl style just right, you’ll need to master thick winged eyeliner, enjoy being creative with vibrant eyeshadow palettes and feel confident enough to pair goth clothing with soft pink and purple hair colors or wigs. Basically it’s not so much chains and fishnet tights which you might find with traditional goth outfits, but more t-shirts, coloured hair clips, lip gloss and combat boots. To start building up this look, we recommend picking up a black and white checkered skirt, a pair of black platform boots and a lace up hoodie with adorable cats ears detailing.


Future Combat Goth

Moving swiftly onto the more futuristic look, the combat, end of the world type of goth! While this look is based on survival perhaps against a zombie apoloclypse, you may also find combat goths enjoy online gaming. So goth clothing needs to be focused around being comfortable while sitting for hours at a time at a desk or gaming station. This look has gained significant popularity during lockdown thanks to the rise of Twitch and TikTok. While gamers are competing online against players from around the globe, they are also streaming their activity around the world, for their fans to watch. And this means looking dramatic and developing an online dark Egirl persona in order to be memorable and eye-catching.

By wearing statement goth clothes, witchcore outfits or cute anime inspired looks, female online gamers can impress their fans and earn money and gifts when viewers show their appreciation and admiration for their performance and unique sense of style. But if you just want to look like a gothic online gamer, without actually streaming your playtime online, you can, by choosing your outfit wisely. To pull off the future combat goth Egirl look, start with a pair of high-waist sport street cargo pants in black. This is the comfy aspect of the outfit.  Now add a Baby Girl top to highlight your waist and add a pair of chain cat ears. Now you can use make-up to introduce a more playful and feminine element, with pink blush sweeper across the cheeks and nose, pink lipgloss and winged eyeliner.

The Iconic Goth

For the ultimate dark and mysterious look, turn yourself into the epitome of what people think of when they say goth. Ideally your outfit needs to be as black as possible, with statement chained jewelry. Your clothes should feature crosses, roses, skulls, chains and anything else that suggests you’re more likely to be ghost hunting than grabbing brunch with friends. Start with a black lace dress, with a star thigh garter for instant sex appeal. For warmth wear a cross zipper cardigan over the dress and finish the look with a pair of gothic platform ring boots. Keep makeup minimal, with eyeliner and dark red lipstick.


90s Grunge Girl Goth

Unlike the witchcore aesthetic, 90s grunge gothic style is all about oversized and baggy goth clothes. Update your wardrobe with ripped tights, chunky combat boots, and make sure you have a number of bright red or blue checkered items to choose from.

Now it’s time to start mixing and matching these key 90s grunge pieces to create a layered and more masculine look. Working from the bottom up, get this style right by starting with a pair black fishnet tights, and throw on a pair of black platform boots. Add an asymmetric plaid and black skirt and tuck in a black graphic t-shirt. Wear an oversized hoodie or pullover top and add a corset or large chain belt. You could also enhance the pop of colour from the skirt by pairing it with a punk tattered sweater, which will cover most of the skirt, only allowing part of it to poke out from under the sweater. Remember 90s grunge gothic style is meant to look edgy, unkept and almost lazy, so patterns and colors can clash.

Artsy Goth

Another modern twist on gothic style has been inspired by the art world. Artsy goths tend to dress in light greys with dark accessories over strictly black goth clothing, and are more known online for make-up videos, street style clips and expressing themselves through art. Distinctly different from the witchcore aesthetic, you’ll need to invest in brighter and more feminine goth clothing, and ditch chains and skulls for headbands and black berets.

For those looking to become an artsy goth, we recommend this gorgeous baby pink pleated skirt, with an oversized white shirt to give you those all important artist vibes. Then you can add an enchanting cross-body bag, and a chic black beret for a cute and creative look. Add black eyeliner and lipstick to complete your outfit.


Lolita Victorian Goth

Last but not least, we come to the ultimate Lolita, Victorian goth. Inspired perhaps by movies such as Gosick, Black Butler and Ergo Proxy, this look channels an obsession with all things paranormal and dark. If you look pale, unhappy yet ridiculously stylish, you’ve got this style right! Inspired by Lolita fashion meets the Victoria era, you need to invest in goth clothing that turns you into a Victorian doll. Think black lace, teddy bears, large black ribbons, and plenty of crosses, bats and skulls. Start with a Victorian puff lace shirt, wear over a red lace skirt and match with a pair of statement lace lined boots.

So there you have it, 7 ways to dress like a modern goth using a mixture of dark accessories and goth clothing. The question is, which one resonates with you best! Whether you’re more of a end of the world type of girl, or you’re more inclined to wear Victorian style goth clothing, there are plenty of ways to look like a goth and channel your unique sense of style. And now that you have been inspired with these seven dramatic style ideas, you can now shop with confidence online and expand your wardrobe by exploring our collection of goth clothing, witchcore dresses and dark Lolita outfit ideas. Take your look to a whole new level and push the boundaries of what a goth means to you!