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6 Goth Earrings Inspired By Horror Movies | Gothic Fashion

Goth Earrings Inspired By Classic Horror Movies Upgrade your jewellery collection and step into the dark side. Discover these striking goth earrings each inspired by a classic horror movie or cult favourite. From skulls and snakes to bats and crosses, horror movies are adorned with motifs. So, check out our hand-picked list of 6 goth earrings inspired by horror movies and pay homage to your favourite scary movie.
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Skull Earrings

For lovers of Tim burton’s creepy animation The Nightmare Before Christmas, these skull earrings are the perfect gothic earrings. With a skull-cuff hugging the ear whilst further skulls dangle, you are sure to make a horror statement. The dangling accessory with reach around skeleton hands is reminiscent of Jack Skellington and all of the spooky mysteries of Halloween town. These skull earrings are unique, and sure to help you make a gloriously gothic fashion statement.

Cross Earrings

Fans of 60s horror classic Rosemary’s Baby will love these striking black earrings. Crosses appear in many horror movies, often pictured upside down or as a focal point of the action in demonic-centred plots. The iconic scene where Rosemary witnesses a satanic cult gathered around a black-draped cradle with an upside-down Saint Peter’s cross is unmistakable to the movie’s fans. These black cross goth earrings are the perfect accessory for any Rosemary’s Baby fan since they retain the classic cross shape as seen in the movie.

Gothic Snake earrings

90s adventure horror Anaconda where the cast ends up dangerously pursuing a monstrous 40-foot-long-snake. These statement black snake earrings are ideal for lovers of the adventure classic, thanks to the detail placed on the snake bodies. The snake earrings curl around the hooped earring frame creating the illusion of the movement of the anaconda. Snakes are sleek, silky and covered in scales. These snake earrings manage to capture all of this detail in a wearable gothic accessory.

Halloween Moon Pumpkin Earrings

Fans of the major 90s Halloween fantasy comedy-horror classic Hocus Pocus will love these goth earrings. Each delicate symbol on the hooped accessories denotes a motif of the movie. From the autumnal pumpkins and nocturnal bats to the crescent moon and stars, these are the perfect way to show how much you love Hocus Pocus.

In witchcraft, the crescent moon is very sacred since it represents feminine power and intuition so is well-related to the female-led cast. Meanwhile, bats have often been considered the alter egos of witches.

Black Cat Earrings

Another one for the animation fans, these goth earrings are perfect for you if you love the 2009 stop-motion animated horror movie, Coraline. The young Coraline discovers a hidden door in her new house which leads to a fantastic world that mirrors her life. The new world is more colourful and fun but is also sinister. Fans will know that one of the main characters is a black cat who gives Coraline cryptic warnings about the world she has entered. Black cats in movies act as an omen of things to come. These gothic earrings symbolise both the danger of night and the cat as a warning and have a sleek, supernatural look to them, too.

Red Gem Cross Earrings

Noughties gothic horror movie Van Helsing features a star-studded cast starring as vampires and werewolves. The fantasy movie features detailed clothing and gothic accessories, especially on female characters like vampire hunter Anna Valerous, who sports gothic leather corsets and brightly coloured gothic accessories. These detailed goth earrings can give you the classic look from the movies without all the war and mess.

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