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The best gothic jacket choices

The alternative culture movement got a lot of attention in the early to mid-2000s, but then it seemed the media lost interest. That's good - we weren't doing it for them anyway. If you're still deep into goth and alternative counter-culture, sometimes it's hard to find the right pieces at a straight-edge store. Goth BB has all the choices you need to create your alternative wardrobe, including the best gothic jacket choices. Need some outfit ideas before you purchase? Read below.
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A Leather Jacket, Jeans, and a White Tank Top

There's nothing more classic than jeans, a black top, and a leather gothic jacket for women. The look goes back decades: women started wearing leather jackets in the 60s and 70s during the counter-cultural movement.

To style our gothic jackets this way, find a pair of tight-fitting denim, some combat boots, or high heels (depending on your mood). Opt for dark or black jeans if you're feeling it. Then, tuck your jeans into your boots and put on your white tank or t-shirt.

Finally, decide if you want a full-length option like our Dare You PU Leather Punk Jacket or our Punk Graffiti Printed Leather Jacket. The first choice has more printed words, while the Graffiti jacket is dripping in hardware.

If you're looking for an ethical gothic jacket for women, our Dare You PU Leather Jacket is vegan.

Grey Joggers and a Cropped Leather Jacket

Are you looking for a more casual look that still has an edge? The best gothic jacket is the kind you can throw on with any outfit, whether you've planned your fit for weeks or just need something to shield you from the cold.

We love the look of our cropped women's jackets with gray joggers, a pair of Vans, and a beanie. Throw on a cropped shirt or tuck a basic tee into your waistband. If it's really cold, layer a hoodie under your leather jacket and pull the hood over the collar of your Gothic jacket.

Choose from our Cool Black PU Short & Slim Jacket (Vegan) or our Treasure or Legend Jacket.

Finally, pair this look with a messy bun and some dark sunglasses. You'll look put together and edgy without seeming like you tried too hard.

Looking to immortalize this outfit with an Instagram post? Have a friend stand six feet in front of you, hold the camera at chest level, and then walk towards them, swinging your purse.

If you're into a more grunge look, choose this same outfit but layer the oversized Harajuku Horns Skull Print Denim Jacket on top instead of the cropped option.

A Red Dress, Black Fishnets, and a Ruffled Gothic Jacket

Want something that is a little less casual and very sexy? Try layering our Double Breasted Ruffle Pendulum coat over a tight dress and fishnets. We'd recommend a red dress for a pop of color, but black or white work too.

This gothic jacket for women is double-breasted and has black-lace trimmed ruffles, along with a corset back. If you're wondering how to choose a gothic jacket that's both gothic and girly, this is the jacket for you.

If you're into cosplay, this would also be the perfect jacket for any time-period characters!

Choosing What to Wear With a Gothic Jacket

We've given you three great outfit choices (with multiple options) to help you style your women's gothic jacket. Hopefully, that's enough to help you click "add to cart".

You'll rock these looks, no matter where you wear them! For more alternative and goth accessories, shop the rest of our store.