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Women’s Goth Harnesses and Belts | Alternative Belt Accessories | GothBB 

If you’re looking to feel great and find the perfect accessory for your goth or alternative outfit, our stylish collection of gothic and alternative thigh harnesses and belts just might be perfect for you. Along with our popular gothic dresses, pants and skirts we offer some high-quality alternative fashion accessories to complete your look. Whether you’re looking for punk, alternative, cute, or steampunk style accessories, our GothBB collection has everything you need —no matter the occasion.
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Introducing our collection of thigh harnesses, bondage harnesses and cute belts — there really is something for everyone, no matter your style.

Alternative Style Thigh Harnesses

If you’re looking for a sexy and stylish way to complete your look, then a perfect option might be a high-quality leather thigh harness.


Pair our high waist thigh harness with a saucy bodysuit and prepare to turn heads. Our leather studded thigh harnesses will look great with heeled goth boots or some alternative tights or long socks from our collection. You’ll feel confident and look great with this brilliant gothic style accessory.


Our high harness belts look stunning when paired with an alternative style gothic skirt and gorgeous GothBB choker necklace. You could also look at some of our garter belts that would be the perfect match for some alternative style stockings and a gorgeous vintage dress. Some of our customers even love these for alternative wedding garters!


If cute alternative fashion is more your style, give a cute GothBB dress an edge with a high waist thigh harness to match. Feel sexy and sophisticated with a new addition to your wardrobe.


A thigh harness can be the perfect accessory for many occasions, whether you’re having a special night in or want to feel great when you’re out and about, our collection of belts and harnesses can leave you feeling bold and beautiful.

Cute Alternative Belts

If you’re looking to complete your stunning look with a cute gothic or alternative belt, we have a wide selection of styles for you. 


This Moon & Sun belt could be the perfect way to compliment your cute witchy outfit or alternative look. The sparkly, high quality belt will really make any black outfit pop and you’ll feel great.


Our colourful collection of air-hole belts & Hollow Out Chain Harness can really make an outfit stand-out. Add a splash of colour to your look. These belts look great with denim, leather, or any alternative pants or shorts from the GothBB collection.


If you’re looking for a black studded goth belt, we have numerous options for you. A staple of goth fashion, a leather studded belt looks great with goth pants or to bring in the waist of a cute gothic dress, like these short-sleeved dresses from the GothBB collection.

Bondage Harnesses

Bondage harnesses can be tracked back to the the leather scenes of many large and famous American and European cities in and around the 60s. Although bondage harnesses didn’t become a fetishwear staple until the 80s, we’ve seen them become more popular, more readily available and we even see some stars wearing them on red carpets. For those who like thigh harnesses and bondage harnesses, they have really become a key part of any alternative fashion closet.


If you’re looking for a bondage harness or thigh harness, we have a broad selection of both body harnesses and waist harnesses — whether you’re into collared leather harnesses or studded black leg and wrist fastens. 


Our bondage harnesses come in numerous gothic and alternative styles. With black leather, studs and rings featuring across our entire collection, you’ll be sure to find something for you.


Not quite what you’re looking for? Maybe our bodysuit or lingerie collection might be of interest.