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The goth style of Sandals is on the rise again!

Choosing the right shoes can make or break your outfit. For those who are well-established in the edgy aesthetic, you may feel like you need to open your mind to new options. For those not-so immersed in the culture and looking to emulate the style, there is much to learn! Regardless, the goth style is on the rise again. From posers to experts in the subculture, read on to find different types of goth sandals to step up your fashion.
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Put the P in Punk: Platform Sandals

Goth platform sandals are a staple in the goth aesthetic and they make a powerful statement. These are the perfect option for achieving your statement look. They can range in simplicity to super complex designs which can include some of the other elements of the goth sandal style.

Platform sandals are becoming in-style across subcultures! Converse and Vans are even adopting this typically punk element. Having a good set of goth platform sandals in your wardrobe is a no-brainer.

Get Sexy With Strappy Sandals

Strappy sandals are sexy, fun, and can range in versatility. You can find strappy platform sandals, strappy high-heeled sandals, and more. You can even find strappy sandals that come up to your knees like these "Crazy" Stapped Sandals.

You could style your strappy sandals with some higher cut shorts or skirts. They perfectly complement almost any summer goth look. Or you can wear these into the colder months by adding in some tights which every goth knows is an easy go-to fit.

Punk It up: High-Heel Sandals

You can really pump up your goth look with a pair of high-heel sandals (or punk it up, you might say). There are again lots of options when it comes to the style of goth high-heels. These can include a strappy look, platforms, buckles, chains, lace, and so on.

High-heel sandals will have your legs looking delicious whether you choose to show some skin or not. They are the perfect option to achieve that mysterious and sultry goth look.

Adorn Your Shoe Game With Buckles and Chains

A popular element in the goth style includes chunky hardware such as chains and buckles. They are just right to create that edgy style. When looking for goth women's sandals or men's sandals, you'll find all sorts of options that feature these adornments. Studs, spikes, and other embellishments are also common.

Go the extra mile when adding jewelry to your goth aesthetic! Shoes are a great place to really compliment your heavy jewelry. Even you could outdo Billie Eilish's intense use of chains and jewelry!

Step up Your Style With Goth Sandals

There are many options when it comes to goth sandals. You can create some really edgy, powerful, and amazing looks but they won't be complete without the right pair of shoes!

Pros and posers alike can rock these. When searching for "platform sandals goth" you'll be able to choose the pair to enhance your style.

If you're looking to find some of the best goth sandals, be sure to check out our collection.