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Goth Corsets Are the Fashion Trend of 2023

Goth style is experiencing a massive comeback in 2023, with gothic corsets being the main star of this undoubtedly very unique trend. Goth corsets are indeed a special kind of wardrobe, which is why gothic corset top outfits keep coming back to rule the fashion world.  After all, we’ve all seen the ultimate goth queens of 2023, Megan Fox and Kourtney Kardashian rock their steampunk corsets on more than one red carpet lately. Moreover, even the sharpest fashion critics will agree that a pinch (or a lot more) of darkness in fashion goes a long way.  Goth is classy; there is no denying that. In fact, it’s been a trendy term on search engines lately, with a considerable spike in gothic corsets clothing searches. To be precise, black corset tops are currently the most popular choice.
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Where to Buy Quality Gothic Corsets?


If you’re looking for a steampunk corset to complement your goth style, don’t worry. We got you covered. In this blog, you will learn where to buy high-quality gothic corset outfits and additional goth corsets clothing. But, no less importantly, you will learn how to choose the fitting corset and measure for the perfect corset size. 


Once you learn all the basics, you will be more than ready to visit the fantastic GothBB webshop to choose the perfect gothic corset look. There is a lovely selection of black corset tops available, but be warned; it might be a bit hard to choose. All their goth corsets are gorgeous and unique. For example, you can choose between the Black Lace Corset BeltMesh CorsetFaux Leather Corset Bustier Top, or even a Strap-Style Punk Corset Belt.


How to Measure to Buy an Ideal Size Corset?


There are many variations of corset tops when it comes to corsets in general. But, all of those have one thing in common - they help you get the famous hourglass figure. But, for your gothic corset top to really create that incredibly flattering shape, you have to buy the correct size. 


As far as corsets go, it’s a bit more complicated than buying a plain t-shirt top. Don’t worry, though. Below you will find a step-by-step guide to measure for a perfect size gothic corset. 


But First, Are You More Into an Overbust or Underbust Goth Corset? 


Overbust style corsets are excellent if you need more coverage or simply wish to make a powerful fashion statement. On the other hand, the underbust corset, which starts just under the bust line all the way to the hips, is a bit more subtle. However, if you choose to wear it on top of your clothes, you will undoubtedly have all eyes on you. 


Regardless of shape, all corsets have steel or plastic boning that supports your torso and makes your waist thinner. So if you plan to wear your corset a lot, it's wise to invest in steel-boned corsets.


Plastic-boned corsets, or as fashion experts call them, "fashion corsets," are not as firm and aren't really "waist shaping" corsets, so you should measure 6-7 inches below your natural waist measurement. On the other hand, steel-boned corsets are typically way sturdier than plastic-boned, so you should count 4-5 inches below.


A Step-By-Step Guide to Sizing a Steampunk Corset


To pick the best fit, you need to think about your body shape, the corset style, and the corset outfit you wish to create. 


First, make sure you’re standing straight, with your feet a bit apart. Next, relax your body. Then, measure your body using a fabric measuring tape. The tape should not be too tight when you’re measuring. Then, write down the number in inches for every body part below.


We're positive you have your dream corset outfit already envisioned in your mind. However, for your goth corset to give you that unique steampunk look, you need to ensure that you choose the right fit. 


You will do that like this:



  • Stand with your naturally apart and relax your body.
  • Measure your bust, underbust, waist, high hip, and torso length with a fabric measuring tape.
  • Write down the number in inches for every of those body parts.



Important tip: Don't make the take too tight while measuring, and always check that the tape is parallel to the floor.




You don't need this measurement if you wish to buy an underbust corset. However, it's good to know your numbers. Wrap the measuring tape lightly around the broadest part of your chest and back at the line of your nipples. 




When you're measuring your waist to fit a corset, the most important thing is measuring the thinnest part of your waist. Typically, the sweet spot is right above your belly button. While you are measuring, never suck in your stomach.  



Upper Hip


To measure your hip hip, find the sport right below the top of your hip bone. Next, locate your iliac crest; that is where you should put the measuring tape. 

Torso Lenght 


Now, it's time to sit down. Sit with your back perfectly straight, and put the end of the tape under your breast., right on the underbust line. Make sure it's centered, and then extend it to the top of your thigh.


Finally, Choose the Closest Gothic Corset Size


Corset sizing usually comes as even inch measurements, which may not be your precise number. However, that happens often, and it's no problem at all. Just pick a size that is the closest to your natural waist measurement, subtracted by 4-5 inches. 


Comfort Is the Ultimate Requirement for a Gothic Corset


Always keep in mind prioritizing comfort over style is a must. Corset outfits look magnificent and make you feel powerful. Still, if you're not careful when sizing, you may feel some painful consequences.