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Virgin Killer Sweaters: The Seductive Fashion Trend Inspired By Anime

The virgin killer sweater sold out in a day during its’ original release in March 2017. Inspired by popular characters in Japanese anime, the virgin sweater is designed to be alluring to the opposite sex. Revealing and suggestive, the virgin killer sweater is a unique halterneck sweater with a large open keyhole back. It is designed to perfectly accentuate the curves of the body. Japanese phrase ‘Doutei Wo Kovosu’ suggests the sweater is so sexy it has the power to kill a virgin man, should he lay eyes upon a woman wearing it. Virgin killer sweaters show plenty of skin without revealing the most intimate areas, so are still comfortable for the one wearing it. Though the virgin killer sweater has an iconic look, the sweaters available today vary in their design, colour, and material. There is a virgin sweater to suit everyone.
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High Neck Virgin Killer Sweater


Most similar to the sweaters worn by anime characters, this style of sweater is alluring by revealing the back, sides and legs. They tend to be made from soft, elasticated materials so are very comfortable for the wearer. This virgin sweater is also soft and stretchy, making it a good choice for most occasions. The sweater can emphasise your waistline and curves thanks to a snug fit. For those who are taller, it may be too shot to wear as a dress, so can be paired with shorts and is still a great addition to your wardrobe. These tend to be made in a one size fits all but the stretch may help with this.



Backless Virgin Killer Sweater 


This sweater features a deep keyhole plunge across the chest area, making it one of the sexiest options. The keyhole front makes it different from other virgin killer sweaters if you want to opt for a different kind of sweater. Its’ stretchy material hugs the waist and accentuates your curves. The sweater is usually available in a range of colours.  This sweater usually comes in the form of a dress, short enough to leave the legs, arms, shoulders and decolletage revealed. Great for many occasions, this virgin sweater suits almost any occasion. Wear as a cosplay outfit, to the beach over a bikini, to a party or as a form of nightwear at home. The backless sweater gives the perfect blend of cute and racy.



Cableknit Pullover Virgin Killer Sweater

Another very comfortable option, this sweater is soft and exceptionally comfortable. Delicate knitting details give an eye-catching look. The hemline stops at your thighs, so can give the illusion of longer legs. The material can be see-through so keep this in mind if you plan to wear it to a public occasion. With soft material and a sleek design, the cable-knit virgin sweater will hug your figure whilst ensuring you remain comfortable.

Sleeveless Virgin Killer Sweater 

The sleeveless virgin sweater pullover is slightly more modest and so is a good choice any time of year. Pair with a blazer or coat in the winter for a chic outfit. Again, the sweater remains comfortable so can be worn all day. The stretchy fabric will be soft angst your skin whilst the close-knit feel will accentuate your figure. This virgin sweater can be paired with almost anything including jeans, trousers, skirts and jeggings. Because it is figure-hugging the sweater may run small so choose sizes carefully. This versatile sweater is a great choice should you want to layer up your outfit, so is a must-have wardrobe staple.