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Goth Jewelry – Why Choose Chokers?

What with the perfect goth or punk outfit be without a spiky choker or spiked collar necklace included? These unique options let you explore your tougher side in a wide variety of material types, spike lengths and styles, and accent options. No matter what your reason for choosing a spiky choker, GothBB has the perfect choice for you. Buy one for yourself, your partner, or your pet, and make a bold statement wherever you go.
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The iconic spiky choker has long been a staple of goth and punk styles throughout the decades. These close-fitting necklaces speak of drama, glamour, and protection. In some lifestyle communities, they also stand for partnership or ownership. Whether you impart more meaning to the choker you choose simply want an amazing piece of jewelry to show off, you can find what you want here. Accentuate your throat, protect from vampire bites, and tell the world something about the type of person you are deep inside. These edgy chokers give the perfect impression of a clever mix of beauty and strength.


GothBB also carries an extensive line of other goth necklaces too. Chokers without spikes, delicate or chunky chains, pendant styles, and even name necklaces are available.


Choker Necklace Material Options


You get the look of sleek black leather without harming the source. Our spiky choker collection primarily uses PU leather or polyurethane faux leather for the choker strap and adjustable buckle end. This vegan-friendly material makes it possible for you to enjoy your jewelry without cruelty to any living being who did not consent. Also, it makes it possible for GothBB to bring you a wide variety of colors in multiple styles. Go for blood red, angelic white, royal purple, natural brown, pastel pink, or a variety of other options perfect for your personality.


Some of the spiky choker styles like Choker Emily are also made with velvet for a softer and more elegant look and feel. We also offer metal chain style chokers with no velvet or PU leather at all. All of the hardware is authentic metal in either black or silver-tone finish. Pendants may have other materials mixed in to complete the style.


Spiky Choker Pendant Charm Options


A simple black choker with silver spikes is a subtle yet effective accent for any goth or punk outfit. GothBB offers an extensive collection of pieces with unique pendants and charms to suit any taste or lifestyle. Most are in silver-tone metal, although selections with black spikes also feature black hardware. These are perfect for classic goths who never let one hint of color or shine into their lives.


Some of the most popular options for accessories on the spiky collar are chains. These offer both decorative and useful accents that add a layer of industrial style to the jewelry. Choose from double chains, chains with dangling spikes, delicate chains looped through a pendant, or overlapping styles with greater intricacy.


Another popular option for people interested in lifestyle chokers is a simple loop or circle reminiscent of pet colors. These come in a variety of sizes and metal options. Some are shaped like hearts while others include small padlocks for an even more unique look. The extra-wide Anatilde Choker has three layers of straps, spikes, and hoops to enjoy.


You can also find a spiky choker with a pentagram, triangle, other heart motifs, A jewel-eyed cat face, and a large jingle bell on the Pretty Reckless choker model. Despite some appearances, these are not made for animal pets. Whether you are buying a piece of goth jewelry for yourself or someone special, you have many unique styles to choose from.


Spiky Choker Designs for Everyone


Most of the GothBB spiky chokers suit all genders and sizes. Both men and women like to show off their goth or punk style with these classic yet up-to-date designs. All varieties are adjustable with either a standard buckle closure or multiple layers of snaps. The metal varieties have multiple links you can hook the clasp into four minor adjustments Before you make a purchase, however, look carefully at the measurements in the specific product descriptions to make sure it will fit you comfortably.


The next time you get dressed to the clubs, visit your special someone, hang out in the city, or simply go about your day, reach for your favorite spiky choker to complete your ensemble. Men, consider a double or triple row spiked collar with your street style hoodie or ghost vest. Women, reach for a heart studied choker to give a tough edge to your fairy slip dress or faux leather corset. Tough yet beautiful. Trendy and traditional. No goth or punk outfit is complete without the right accessories.