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How to Choose the Perfect Sex Collar or BSDM Collar

One thing that you need to know about a sexual collar or BSDM collar is they play an important role in your sexual experience with your partner and the wrong one can cause injury or true pain. If you really want to get the most from your sexual encounters with your partner then you want both of you to enjoy the experience and you want neither of you to suffer long-lasting pain or scarring.
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Choosing the Best BSDM Choker

Choosing the right BSDM choker will intensify the pleasure of your encounter because the neck is a very sensitive area of the body. With the proper fitting sexual collar, you will experience intense pleasure because the firm presence of the collar is domineering and comforting at the same time.


A Good Fit for a Sexual Choker Means:

  • Does not create intense pressure on any one spot. It should spread the pressure out over a larger area creating a uniform feeling.
  • Does not pinch or bind the neck. If the collar is pinching it is too small and could cause affixation, bruising, and breakdown of the skin.
  • A sex collar should not impede normal breathing


Uses of a Sex Collar

Some of the great benefits gained from wearing one of these accessories are the pleasure of secretly knowing that you belong to someone else and that your choker is evidence to everyone who sees you that you are the rightful property of someone else and cannot be had.

A BSDM choker of this type can also be used to initiate a sexual encounter. When your lover lifts your hair and slips the choker around your neck, and you allow this to happen, then you are both agreeing that you are ready and willing for a sexual role-playing scenario to take place. A lot of couples have different scenarios they act out according to which collar they are wearing at the time.

Some sex collars are more submissive and some are more flirtatious. You have to decide what your collar means for you and be clear to your partner about what you feel the collar says. This Play With Me Sexual Collars will explain more.



The collar can be a form of protection for the tender and delicate area of the neck. Injuries that are quite serious can occur when too much pressure is applied to the neck over an extended period of time.,


Color and Personalization

One of the things that a lot of couples like, is to get sex collars and accessories in colors they like so they are unique and more meaningful to them.

Color says a lot about you, and it can increase your mood when you are wearing or when you see colors you love.

Bright neon colors are bold and flirtatious. A sex collar in these collars simply screams that the person wearing it is fun and uninhibited.

Light pastel colors are more demure. These colors are usually worn by more reserved people. Of course, reserved people are often the most aggressive and fun in the bedroom. Now let’s have a look on GothBB what we got.