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The Perfect Pentagram HarnessSummer Goth Glam Calls for a Stellar Pentagram Harness

Whether you’re a Goth Princess or just want to add some edge to your wardrobe, a pentagram harness is the perfect clothing accessory. Body harnesses can be funky and add flair to any outfit, especially harnesses with creative designs like pentagrams. 


Get your closet ready for this summer season and take the step in purchasing that body harness you’ve been eyeing! 

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Styling a Pentagram Harness

Trying to combine different clothing pieces to create the cutest outfit can seem daunting, especially when styling a body harness with the rest of your fit. Whether you’re just starting out in your harness-wearing journey or are a seasoned pro, there are a few common ways to do a pentagram harness with your outfit if you’re feeling unsure. 


There’s no set occasion for wearing a body harness, which makes the fashion possibilities endless! Try layering your pentagram harness over a simple v-neck camisole and add a high-waisted skirt with a pair of platforms for a spunky evening look, or wear it on top of a solid-color cropped shirt with some jeans for a day out running errands with friends. Be brilliantly bold and wear one over a cute dress of any length. 


Of course, you could also style your harness with long-sleeve shirts or sweaters during colder weather, or spice up your swimsuit with one during the hot summer months!


Who Wore It First?

Originally, body harnesses were considered fetishwear, and most people wouldn’t dare wear them out in public over their regular clothing. With the rise of biker culture and the eighties, body harnesses became more of a fashion statement, but it wasn’t until recently that they became a staple clothing item for people with alternative fashion sense. 


The short history aside, body harnesses have become increasingly fashionable over the last few years; we’ve even caught celebrities sporting them with their outfits out in public or during red carpet events. If celebrities are daringly wearing them, they must be trendy!


Where To Find The Perfect Pentagram Harness

Just google ‘body harness’ and you’ll be overloaded by the number of shopping results there are. A multitude of options sounds great, right? Well, it can also be overwhelming. You can narrow your search by taking into account your budget, your style and your color preferences.


If you’re looking for good quality, budget-friendly options, consider this cute yet simple, statement-making pentagram harness from Goth BB. Featuring three eye-catching pentagram pendants on faux-leather straps, this harness has adjustable buckle straps over the shoulders and behind the mid-back – easy to throw on over a crop top without the hassle of too many buckle closures!


Want to turn more heads? This pentagram chain harness by Goth BB is everything your festival dreams are made of! This piece leaves little to the imagination with two star-shaped chest coverings connected by a gorgeous chain and three o-rings.


While there are tons of online stores that sell body harnesses, many people these days take into consideration whether or not the products are ethically sourced, the order turn-around time and the quality of materials used to make the products when making purchases online. 


Your Next Outfit Accessory

Adding spice to your wardrobe from GothBB can add spice to your confidence, and these days fashion plays a huge part in how we feel, at home and about. One sure way to add some oomph to your closet is to consider a pentagram harness. Take the creative jump that others made decades ago and start showing off your body harness outfit combinations to the world!