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Why Everyone is Digging Our Leggings With Holes

Leggings are a staple fashion wear among women across the world. Because of the optimal balance between style and functionality that they offer, they are extremely popular among women of various age groups. Leggings come in different colors, patterns, lengths, and fabrics but one of the most sought-after variants is hole leggings or ripped holes leggings. Basically, this style is just like regular leggings but with holes cut in different sizes, patterns, or shapes to expose skin in a fashionable way. From streetwear to casual events to gothic dress-ups, hole leggings have continued to be a top fashion choice in different parts of the world. At GothBB, we offer a suite of premium ripped leggings to match your unique fashion taste.
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When did holed leggings become a fashion trend?


The history of leggings dates back to the mid-90s but it wasn’t until the 1970s that leggings were regularly worn in public by women. From there, leggings were innovated into different styles and cutting stylish holes into them was among the top ways to do that at that time. Up until today, leggings with holes are still very well-loved by women.  


True enough, our Goth BB hole leggings are a bestseller. From latex crisscross to mesh hole leggings, ladies just can’t seem to get enough of our leggings with holes and you’re about to find out why.


Goth BB leggings with holes: Why are they popular?


  1. They are unique yet trendy.


Leggings that are styled with holes have a distinctly fashionable look that can offer you a unique appeal. It also adds a touch of sultry to a rather casual or basic piece of clothing. The holes on our leggings are designed to show off some skin sensually, like our Holes Leggings

while still allowing you to sport a laidback-style leggings trend all the while.


  1. You can wear them for various occasions.


Whether you want to go shopping at the mall, chill out at the park, or work out at the gym, leggings are a perfect choice. They also make a great substitute for pants if you want to feel extra comfortable when going out for errands. Our ripped leggings are made from top-quality latex, cotton, or mesh fabrics that make them the perfect everyday fashion wear.


  1. Breathable Goth BB leggings with holes are comfortable to wear.


One of the primary benefits of our leggings with holes is that they are more breathable than others. Their breathability still depends on the specific material they are made of but because the holes expose your skin, you can feel cool while wearing them, making them the optimal choice for workouts, errands, and hot summer days.


  1. They are great investments for goth fashion style.


Goth BB holed leggings are ideal for all kinds of goth fashion—be it subtle and mysterious or full-blown goth—and even non-goth fashion styles. Because they can be easily paired with any top like sleeved basic shirts or sleeveless sensual tops, leggings with holes are a timeless piece of clothing that’s a must-have in your closet.  


  1. All body types look good in leggings with holes.


Whether you are petite or plus size, no doubt our holed leggings can accentuate your best features. Because Goth BB ripped leggings are designed to hug your body, they can complement your natural curves. Our leggings with holes also come in multiple sizes that you can choose from to ensure your utmost comfort and confidence while wearing them with jackets.  


  1. Goth BB holed leggings are easy to maintain and reuse.


You won’t need too many leggings in your closet because they are easily washable, and wearable every day if you want to. Our hole leggings also dry faster when washed because air can easily penetrate through the high-quality fibers they are made of. And because we use fabrics that don’t wrinkle easily, your leggings can be worn multiple times before having to wash them.


Holed leggings come in all kinds of styles and at GothBB, you can find your perfect match. From heart-cut to mesh-covered holes in leggings, you can shop with an extensive array of options for ripped leggings here at Goth BB. Get as many legging styles as you like and enjoy free shipping anywhere in the world for a minimum purchase of $100.