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Latex Lingerie Styles for Every Woman

When women want to unleash their sensual side, latex lingerie offer something unique and different than traditional silk and lace. The sleek, black material creates an edgier look that awakens your inner fire. Women from all walks of life want to introduce a bit of sexy spice into their lives, and their partners can appreciate the sexiness of the undergarment or outfit styles offered here. What suits you best? Latex lingerie comes in a wide variety of cuts and coverages so you feel comfortable and fierce whenever you slip it on.

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What style suits you best? What elements of your personality and lifestyle do you want to explore more with latex lingerie? GothBB offers a wide variety of options for those who love latex, sensuality, and sheer sexiness. Combine the sleek feel of faux leather with femininity with our lace corset outfit. Go wild with a PU leather Shibari-inspired bodysuit complete with built in knotted cord. No two items or outfits look alike. You could find a lot of straps, lacing, buckles, mesh, and other intriguing details that make our latex lingerie an amazing choice for private adventures with your partner. Several come complete with O-rings or their hardware suitable for bondage or leashes. The styles that lace up in the front or on the sides offer a small degree of sizing and comfort customization that some women may appreciate.


The level of exposure you get with our latex lingerie collection depends on the outfit you choose. Some reveal all while others provide more coverage. Pair a bodysuit or set with black fishnet stockings or your choice of accessories. Choose one favorite or get a whole collection so you can explore different moods and experiences in private. Many women interested in and trying latex start with a single piece and then find they like how it feels so much that they continue buying until they have a whole closetful. We offer a diverse range of styles so you can explore your interests more fully. Buy just for yourself or take advice from your partner about what they would like to see you in next.


Latex Clubwear Lets You Show Off Your Own Style


Not every item in our latex lingerie collection is for your (and your partner's) eyes only. When the time comes to hit the club or head out to a hot party late at night, consider a tight, black latex party dress to make the right impression. It can truly be empowering to show off your unique beauty and demonstrate your wild side as you dance the night away in a trendy nightspot. We also offer black latex bodysuits that can be worn easily under your genes and a jacket for a sexy peek at your secret personality. Sometimes it just feels good to reveal who you are. Other options are perfect for a different type of member's only club.


Most of the GothBB lingerie collection suits private time better than going out in public, however. No matter what your interests behind closed doors, you can find the perfect outfit for playtime. Feel sexy in front of the mirror or give your partner a treat. Whether latex is a one-time adventure or lifestyle choice, you can find the perfect style that suits you better than any other.


Latex lingerie comes in a variety of sizes, too, from small, medium, and large. Since this manufactured material does not stretch like spandex or lace, it is important to find the perfect fit before you make a purchase. Take measurements and stay true to your size so you can be comfortable while wearing your new favorite lingerie.


GothBB is dedicated to finding the highest quality outfits, undergarments, and accessories for people interested in things outside the ordinary. Whether you are looking for an after dark goth outfit that takes black to a whole new level, want to explore a new and daring side of your personality, or have been a part of the latex lifestyle for many years, you can find what you are looking for. Our latex lingerie can fulfill any dreams you and your partner can imagine.