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Gengar Clothing | Gengar Sweater, T-Shirts | GothBB

Perfect for any Poke-Fans, our collection of Gengar (ゲンガ) clothing is comfortable, stylish and comes in a range of sizes! No need to fill up your poke-dex, this little guy is the only one you need, and you can fill your wardrobe with Gengar clothing that suits your alternative style.


You know Gengar, the adorable Ghost/Poison type Pokemon with a sinister grin and flame-red eyes? The mischievous purple Pokemon introduced in Generation I has been a staple of the series and his ghoulish figure and sinister tricks make him the perfect feature for any goth or alternative fashion piece.


With Gengar shirts, sweaters and hoodies available in this collection, you’re sure to find something that’s perfect for any occasion and any style.

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Styling Your Gengar Sweater

The only sure-fire way to communicate your love for this little guy is to make him the staple of your wardrobe. So, we’re going to help you put together some outfits that compliment your favourite shadow Pokemon. Here are a couple of ways that you can ensure that your Gengar sweater looks and feels great.


Try pairing this cute Gengar sweater with some of our cool alternative style pants or leggings. Opt for some cozy cotton leggings if you’re going for comfort or choose some pants if you’re looking for an outfit that can translate from everyday wear to a look perfect for making an impression.


If a Gengar shirt is more your style, then we have a couple of options that might be right up your street. This ‘just one last Gengar’ t-shirt could be the perfect addition to your closet (and it’s even available as a hoody – there’s no need to keep this one for the summer months.)


The ‘yesterday once more’ Gengar t-shirt is just another wonderful option to bolster your wardrobe in a way that is both stylish and comfortable. Pair it with some overalls for an oversized, comfortable look that shows off the print and is perfect for any occasion.

Unisex Gengar Clothing Options

Like many of our alternative and goth style clothes, our Gengar sweater collection has many unisex and gender-neutral options. From oversized jumpers and Gengar sweaters to more fitted shirts, many of the items in the collection range from size small up to 5xl, making them the perfect option for anyone.


Didn’t find what you’re looking for? No worries. Take a look at some of the new items in the Goth BB collection and complete your newest look. Also, make sure you follow us over on @gothbbstore on Instagram for more outfit inspiration and to connect with 140k other alternative fashion enthusiasts.