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5 Celebrities Who Would Rock A Cat Ear Beanie

Cat ear beanies, headbands and accessories are gaining popularity worldwide. Loved by celebrities, here are 5 famous faces who rock the black cat beanie look!
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Ariana Grande


Pop-princess Ariana has popularised the cat ear headband and cat ear accessories over the span of her 21st century career. From her live show-stopping performances to countless appearances at music award shows, Ariana can usually always be spotted sporting cat ears. Ariana could undoubtedly rock a cat ear beanie thanks to having built her iconic look around cat ear accessories. From gothic black cat ears to silver sparkly cat ear headbands, the pop starlett has cat ears to match any outfit. And as an avid cat lover we ca nthink of no better celebrity to start off our perfect cat ear beanie wearers list.


Kate Beckinsale


English actress Kate Beckingsale is loved for her glamorous red carpet looks and elegant style. But Kate just as easily pulls off stylish headwear like a beanie, as seen on her Insagram page. One of the most popular posts saw her sporting an adorable grey and pink cat ear beanie featuring cat ears the same colour as the baby-pink tie her Insta-famous cat is spotted wearing beside her. The post achieved more than 100k likes and was flooded with comments.


Poppy Delevigne


English model and actress Poppy has proved that sporting cat ears at a glamorous events can still result in a stylish choice. Poppy appeared on the carpet at Chanel’s Little Black Jacket exhibition in London back in 2021. 10 years on the outfit choice still looks as glam as ever, featuring a metallic, sheer-paneled mini dress which showed off her tanned legs. The lace cat-ears provided a bold fashion statement standing out in contrast to her light blond hair. The finished look was both sexy and fun making us confident Poppy could rock a cat ear beanie just as glamorously as she did cat ears. A black cat beanie may be particulalry flattering for her since she still sports blonde hair.


Min Yoongi


Min, also known as Suga, is a member of world famous Japanese K-pop band BTS. Fans have affectionately nicknamed Min cat sice they feel he often look and acts like one. He also famously sports car-ear headbands. What is most unique about Min’s headpieces is that he wears cat ears which look very realistic rather than wired or plastic outlines. His cat ears are fluffy, realistically coloured and detailed. Min’s style would benefit from a cat ear beanie thanks to his soft facial structure and dark eyes. A beanie like this could add softness to his style whilst others like a black cat beanie could add a gothic touch to his looks.


Taylor Swift


Country-pop princess Taylor Swift is known to many as an avid cat lover. She regularly posts her cat Meredith on Insagram, much to the delight of fans. Anything cat related Taylor can be seen engaging with or talking about it. That’s why it was no surprise to see her rocking a cat-ear headband in her ‘22’ music video. Online news sites even posed the question ‘who wore cat ears better’ posing Taylor and Ariana beside each other wearing cat ear headpieces. Taylor’s subtle gold headband was cute and modest as opposed to Ariana’s often bold and glamorously gothic black cat ears. Taylor is one of our handpicked celebrities who we are certain would rock any cat ear beanie whether it was a black cat beanie or more colourful option.