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Goth Boots

No outfit is complete without the perfect pair of shoes or boots. When it comes to gothic fashion, goth boots and platform boots are an essential part of the whole aesthetic. It does not matter whether you go for Victorian or steam punk style or something more industrial, modern, and edgy. GothBB is the best options for you. When you are ready to invest in your next pair of gleaming black, highly detailed, and uniquely designed goth boots, explore our full range first.
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What Makes a Boot Gothic?


If you are already part of the subculture, you know what being a goth or gothic means. Goth style includes the types of clothing and footwear that are typically associated with the goth subculture. Goths often dress in dark colors and wear all black clothing to create a "dark and brooding" persona. Some people also use make up and accessories to enhance their look. Although there are multiple reasons why people choose to dress this way, many wear all black clothing because it represents an extreme departure from the norm and expresses their attitude towards society. In this way, they are a lot like punks because they eschew expectations.


Goth boots are a type of footwear that generally have a black or dark color, pointed or rounded toes, a high heel, and a strap around the ankle. Platform boots are popular for people who follow the style. They can be worn with skirts, pants, or dresses, and often do not match the regular expectations of what shoe goes with what outfit. Many people who follow a gothic style mix things up in unique ways. Even if you choose to wear something a bit more toned down, and awesome pair of platform boots can spice up the outfit considerably.


If you identify as a goth, you already know your reasons for pulling on black clothes and choosing platform boots rather than sneakers or sandals for your everyday footwear. There are many different types of gothic subcultures. Some people prefer the darker and more morbid aspects of the scene, while others focus more on the fashion and music.


A Variety of Goth Boot Styles


Many different Goth boot styles exist. Most stem from specific types of music, art, and cultural identities. Capital began back in the 1980s alongside punk, so it makes sense that this style deviates from the norm just as much. Traditional goth still lives, while some people may find it a bit too simple to describe their personal style. A basic pair of black platform boots with thick soles, laces up the front, and shiny leather makes a perfect addition to this type of outfit.


Another popular style is called the Victorian or romantic goth. These outfits tend to be lavish, full of lace and velvet, and with accents that appear historical rather than edgy or modern. A high-heeled pair of goth boots with rounder toes, ribbon laces, and black lace trim is the perfect accompaniment for a long velvet skirt or frock coat and black trousers. Show off your historical sense of style with all of the best elements from times gone by without losing your edge.


The entire arc of the subculture spans from times hundreds of years ago into the far future with industrial and cyber goths, too. Although they tend to add neon and brighter colors to their outfits, the unique goth boots they choose are still black more often than not. This makes them more usable for multiple outfits, which is something anyone looks for when purchasing footwear. The accents tend toward tech style rather than anything from years gone by. Unique cut leather, chains, and other hardware comes standard on industrial style boots.


The goth subculture is one that has been around for a long time, and it still maintains a large following. There are many different styles within the goth community, and each person can choose to dress in whatever way feels comfortable to them. Some people prefer more subdued colors and conservative clothing, while others go all out with dark colors, spooky makeup, and dramatic hairstyles. Whatever style you choose, you are still an integral part of this scene that has evolved and changed over the years and continues to do so now and will in the future.


How to Choose the Best Goth Boot Style for You?


There are many different types of goth boots on the market, and it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. Consider these tips to help you choose the best boot for your personal style. After all, being part of a subculture is all about expressing yourself in ways that do not fit what other people consider the norm.


It all starts with style. You already know what part of the gothic subculture you prefer, so it makes sense to gravitate toward shoes and boots that match your preferred aesthetic. Do you want something sleek and simple with a high platform or high-heeled boots with pretty lace and trim? Is something more industrial with a lot of silver hardware and buckles your style, or are you looking for something with a splash of color like our Mayze Green buckle boots?


Consider your lifestyle, too. What activities will you be using the boot for? Are they intended for everyday use or only special occasions? Many goths maintain their style every day whether they go to school, work, or hang out with their friends. Others soften their look or give it up completely when they have to. For example, if you work in a traditional office setting, platform boots and a black corset may not be approved by the HR department.


Some goth boots can straddle the line between 'normal acceptable styles' and showing off your personality perfectly. These tend to be simpler like the Goth BB Martin Boots and with a sleeker appearance like our High Heels Chole style. You can dress these up with ease when paired with your favorite goth gear but also wear them with a simple pair of pants or skirt to tone things down. Unfortunately, the world makes this necessary sometimes.


Ready to go all out with self-expression? Pick up a pair of boots with the most outrageous accents and details. Go for the highest platforms, the most straps and buckles, or unique options like chains, embroidery, fake fur, studs and rivets, and more.


Buying boots to match your favorite subculture style is a personal decision. With all the amazing options available here at our ecommerce shop, you can surely find one or more options great for you. Ankle boots, knee boots, platform boots, and more all come in basic black with accessories anything but basic.


Shopping Online for Goth Boots that Fit


It takes more than the perfect style to make sure your boats fit. Yes, they need to fit your personality and chosen aesthetic, but if you want to wear them all day long or for a night out at the clubs, you need to keep things comfortable.


It might be difficult to guess what size feet you have to make sure your goth boots are comfortable as everyone’s feet are shaped differently. You can get a pretty good idea of what size boot you need by measuring the length of your foot from the heel to the toe. Also, do not forget to measure the width of your foot, too. On the GothBB ecommerce site, every page for a pair of goth boots has an in-depth guide showing exactly how to measure your foot properly. The chart includes both US men's and women's sizes as well as those from Europe and China.


Some people may shy away from buying footwear online because you cannot try them on in person first. With the right measurement techniques, your goth boots should fit and feel comfortable right out of the box. There are a few more things to consider when making your purchase, however. If you want to buy a pair of tall boots that go over your calf or ones with buckles or other closures that are not as customizable as leases, measure the width of your leg to make sure things will fit. Also, you might like to try out a few pairs of platform boots in person to get used to the different walking style before you purchase something super tall.


From sleek and simple to hard-core studs and buckles, GothBB offers an extensive line of goth boots and platform boots for you to consider. If you are looking for something to add a little bit of edge to your look, consider investing in one or more pairs of these well-constructed and ultra-stylish boots. These iconic shoes are often associated with the dark side of fashion, but they can also be incredibly stylish and unique for those who do not sink into the subculture every day. You know who you are, and you know what styles you love. You can find the perfect goth boot or platform boot option no matter what your personal aesthetic and tastes from GothBB.